Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nikki Haley lied in her state of the union rebuttal

In the effort to squash turnip-top Trump rather than respond to Obama's speech following the state of the union address last week, Nikki Haley lied.

Apart from the fact that she appears to have done nothing to slow the Trump momentum among the stupid party voters, it is revisionist history to assert that the United States has not passed laws against anyone on the basis of race or religion.

Hello - anyone remember Jim Crow, so serious a blot on the history of Haley's own state of South Carolina?

Anyone remember the laws passed in support of segregation, including those which discriminated against Jews? We've had them.

In addition we have had laws in this country which precluded Latinos and Hispanics and people of Asian descent, notably Chinese, from owning property or holding office.

The notion that we should do something similar against Muslims has a long and ugly history in this country, one that is closely linked to conservatives historically and to conservatives in our modern era.

When faced with inconvenient or embarrassing facts, conservatives lie.  They rewrite history, they deny, they pretend, to make themselves feel better, and then they try to justify it in the name of  so-called patriotism.

Trump is appealing to the bigots on the right; own them, they are yours, they are you.

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