Tuesday, March 1, 2016

As we approach the Super Tuesday Caucuses....

It is Hillary's election to lose; if she doesn't muck it up, it looks as if -- 8 months and a few days from the general election -- and if things do not change radically from the present, that it is going to be a new President Clinton in the White House come January 2017.

Of the two, I would posit Trump finally making a mistake big enough to stick to him even more so than Hillary, although it would not surprise me to see her make gaffes in the coming months, as well as to see her facing vicious oppo attacks.

Via aol.news and the poll crunching from Realpolitik, combining the most pertinent and recent polls - Hillary to win the general election in November by 14%, followed by Bernie Sanders to win over Trump by 5.9%.

Not only does Trump do poorly matched up against either Bernie or Hillary, but Ted Cruz does even worse, and Marco Rubio even worse than Cruz.

THIS is what winning looks like, when one of the two major parties insists on being the stupid party.  That Trump is even a potential right wing candidate has made the US of A a laughingstock on the world stage -- and rightly as well as right-wingedly so.

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