Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump Blames Sanders for violence at Trump rallies (or, the buck passes by here)

Donald Trump is blaming the election campaign for violence at Trump's appearances.

Good thing responsibility isn't, wasn't, and never will be a calling card of Donald J Trump.  Sanders never advocated violence, Trump did.  Sanders never asked his folks to "punch folks in the face", Trump has.  Sanders may or may not have asked his supporters to go to Trump's rallies, but there's NOTHING illegal about such things.  Sanders say he didn't, I believe him but even if I didn't, so what, they're allowed to be there and lawfully protest.  It wasn't a Sanders supporter who punched someone who was being escorted out in the face, it was Trump's.   No, I suspect it was Trump's hateful vitriole, like saying that Islam fundamentally hates the US that prompted people to show up and call Trump what he is, a hate-monger.  I suspect it was his laughable excuse for why he failed to condemn and repudiate the KKK and David Duke that has brought people out to call Trump what he is, a man who uses racists and racism to his advantage.  No no, poor Mr. Trump can't possibly be the cause, can he?  His words of hate can't breed hate, can they?

Now Trump says he's going to ask his folks to go to Sanders' rallies.  I suspect strongly they'll be treated far more graciously than the bigots who go to Trump's rallies.  I further suspect mostly they're cowards and won't go.  But let's assume they will, what is Trump trying to do?  Provoke violence?


Donald J Trump, I call you a total loser.  Take accountability for your words and what they've bread.  It's not your fault people were violent, but it is your fault they were ready to be so.

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