Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The end is near......in a matter of speaking
I'm embarrassed by the MN GOP,

Behold the right in all their glory, from Rump, our temporary president on down the food chain to the despicable MN GOP.

From the latest Wonkette piece on the MN GOP passing health care 'reform' legislation
"Minnesota Republicans Pass Health Insurance ‘Reform’ That Doesn’t Cover Any Actual Medical Stuff"
You betcha: If this thing went into effect, you could buy health insurance in Minnesota that excluded coverage for costly stuff you don’t need. Like diagnostic tests or cancer treatment. Or Emergency services. Or much of anything. In essence, it would allow a return to the good old days of “Junk Insurance” policies that had low premiums, low deductibles, and didn’t cover hardly anything. But they were inexpensive, and by golly, those were the policies you couldn’t keep when Obamacare went into effect. And it’s a preview of the glories of keeping costs down by allowing people to buy insurance policies across state lines — if the bare-bones coverage that this Minnesota bill would provide still cost too much, you could go buy your insurance in some state that doesn’t require insurance policies to cover, say, “doctor visits.” Just think how much you’d save on insurance, unless of course you actually needed insurance!
It’s unclear whether the bill would pass the state Senate, where Republicans only have a one-seat majority, and it would certainly be vetoed by Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who just had his own health scare yesterday — he passed out while giving his state of the state address, and while he’s back at work today, he revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last week. Oh, look at item 22 on the list of things insurance companies wouldn’t have to cover: “Prostate cancer screenings.”

Image may contain: one or more people, meme and text
I am assuming the model for this graphic is not temporary president Rump,
because while the overall size and shape are about right, the skin tones are not orange enough
unless, like so many other things, he's only concerned with what shows...
I used to believe, and still do occasionally, that the Republicans were simply clueless as to how to govern.  But they know; they just don't want to do it.
It might be more fundamental, that they don't grasp the proper role of government, which would explain why they keep trying to privatize everything.
But bottom line -- pun intended on the photo -- the right exists to redistribute wealth to the wealthy from the less wealthy, in whatever form they can devise, and the hell with the average citizen or the middle class. Like the soup nazi from friends, if I might slightly paraphrase -- NONE FOR YOU.No medical care. No education. No roads. No libraries. No voting.  No post office. No retirement. No safe and clean environment. No safe drinking water. No food or shelter for the poor.

There is no end to what the right wants to......end, except when it comes to corporate welfare and big bonuses and salaries for the obscenely rich.  Well.........maybe there is one naked end.......goal, that is.


  1. The GOP, screwing the working class since, well, forever.

    1. democommie!!!!!
      It's wonderful to hear from you again here!
      How have you been?