Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We are fortunate to have Sen. Franken working for us in Washington DC

DeVos, Rump's pick for Sec of Education, has in these hearings stated that there is a need for guns in schools to defend children from grizzly bears, and has stated her purpose in education is to build the Kingdom of God in public schools. That is among her many other failings that have been revealed in these hearings.

She has also admitted that she has not merely given money to Republicans and conservative causes, but that she has done so to purchase influence.  I would hardly characterize this as "draining the swamp".

This should be completely unacceptable. There is ZERO evidence that DeVos appreciates sexual orientation is innate, and she has further stated that it is "premature" to keep LGBT students safe from rape, per the guidelines that after serious examination, were set up for educational entities, and which have worked successfully to reduce assaults and harassment.

This woman, like Trump's other nominees, is utterly unqualified and unsuitable to the position for which she is nominated.

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