Saturday, October 5, 2013

Joe Barton, GOP = Party of Stupid

I feel sad that conservatives actually believe rubbish like this, that they are consistently so willfully and intentionally ignorant, so anti-science, so ideologically rather than rationally against any alternative to fossil fuels. 

The "wind is finite" statement was made in a Congressional hearing in 2009; in 2007, in statements made on C-span, Barton claimed that temperature was determined by cloud shape: "tall clouds or skinny clouds, short clouds, fat clouds, high clouds, low clouds", which of course has no valid basis in science as Barton explained it.  Pretty much nothing that Barton says relating to science, climate, or any other serious topic, has any merit.

Given how thoroughly Joe Barton is in the pocket of Big Oil, it's hard to know if he is genuinely this stupid - although his other comments over the years suggest he is - or if he is just being paid to lie for his bosses.

These are the people who shut down the government, and think they know what they are doing.

God help us all; conservatives will ruin this country, and take the rest of the world down too -- and they won't care.  They'll whine like little cry-babies that they are victims when called out for it.  The right deeply embraces the victim mentality; they wallow in it.  The party that gives lip-service to responsibility seldom if ever takes it.

If they did take responsibility, we wouldn't be stuck with utter garbage like this.

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