Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Why progressives and "Democrats" will never mix

I am amazed at the people who tried to persuade me that the "Democratic Party" was somehow a "coalition".

Especially if they made comments like this!

And the Clinton Supporters wonder why they lost the election.

Anyway, there is a long history of disdain for real progressivism in the "Democratic Party". Its treatment of Henry Wallace being one of many instances of which the Sanders Campaign was one the latest example (along with ambivalence toward Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). Sure, the "Democratic Party" are hoping that an embrace of "A Green New Deal" in name might attract people.

Toss in the progressives lite candidates that are being mentioned in the press: many of which don't stand the scrutiny of being truly progressive. This is made worse since the environment is the most important issue now facing the US world.

There is a laundry list I had with Clinton, but her inability to give a solid stance on the environment and climate change was a real biggie for me. The difference from Trump, a climate change denier, and Clinton, someone likely to do fuck all, was non-existent in that regard.

So, I will take the advice of the "Democrat" who doesn't want my vote and move to a party more in line with my political beliefs.

Just don't try and blame me for your mistakes.

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