Sunday, February 24, 2013

Any doubt the right is racist?

When I visit my friend Mitch Berg's blog, the commentary of the Mitch-keteers is consistent in references to Barry-the-Kenyan and similar references to our president as not being a legitimate American.  At least some of the commenters appear to be tea party birthers and believers in other wild conspiracy theories, rather than the kind of people with whom you could have a more rational conversation, a meeting of the minds.  I can't remember ever seeing this kind of failed thinking and factual deficiencies repudiated - or in the case of the Palin-ites, 'refudiated'.  The acceptance of the fringie right wing is truly deplorable.

Any doubt that there is racism among the extreme right?

One more occasion to wonder, "what is wrong with these people?".  One more occasion the right tries to manufacture 'justifiable homicide' pretexts to shoot black people.

Try this on for size:

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