Saturday, February 23, 2013

GOP = Poor work ethic, except when it's other people working

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  1. Your readers should be appreciate that they now have a Representative that is committed to their interests.
    When 222 House Republicans voted to adjourn so that they could take another week off (note zero Democrats voted to adjourn).
    “freshman” Representative Rick Nolan (D-MN-08) said :
    “With millions of jobs and our nation’s economy in the balance, and only four legislative days left until the March first sequester triggering drastic, across the board spending cuts that will negatively affect every senior citizen, every child, and every middle class family in my district and across America, the Republican leadership adjourned the Congress this morning for nine days.
    Politics aside, the people of Minnesota’s 8th District expect and demand that their Congress stay at work to achieve a bipartisan, balanced solution to our budget and debt situation. A solution that includes responsible spending cuts, increased revenues, and economic growth to generate the middle class jobs we so desperately need.
    We simply cannot continue to govern this great nation by crisis management.”

    The House Republicans have offered no plan ... and as reported in The Hill :
    Last year, the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act passed 218-199 in May with 16 Republicans voting against it. Then in December, the Spending Reduction Act passed by an even slimmer margin, 215-209, with 21 Republicans opposed. No Democrat supported either bill.

    More than 30 Republican members who supported the bills are no longer serving in the House because of retirement, loss of election or running for another office. And in the 113th Congress, Republicans have eight fewer seats in the House.