Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The history of black gangs

 From We the People:
Did you know that the first Black gangs in L.A. were established to fight against a white gang called the Spook Hunters?

The back of the Spook (spook being a derogatory term for Black people) Hunters club jackets displayed an animated Black face with exaggerated facial features and a noose hanging around the neck. They would often cross over into Black neighborhoods to terrorize and violently attack Black youths. The Spook Hunters were supplied by and closely tied to the LAPD.


  1. Hello Dog Gone,
    Here's a thought and the topic of my latest posting....February 7, 2013 Mississippi legislators have finally ratified the 13th Amendment!!

    PLEASE allow me to reiterate….Until this past February 7th, 2013, Slavery Was Still Legal In Mississippi!!!

  2. No, EoK, slavery was illegal as of January 1, 1963, with the Emancipation Proclamation. Further, regardless of Mississippi EVER ratifying the 13th Amendment, slavery was illegal as of the required number of OTHER states properly ratifying the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865, with the last necessary state doing so - Georgia, the 27th state to do so. Ratification by the other states was just a formality, had those remaining states of which Mississippi was the last NEVER ratified the 13th Amendment, it would still have been in effect. Therefore under the supremacy clause of the Constitution, federal law takes precedence in effect over state law.

    Also, the vote to ratify was taken a while ago; it is unclear what happened that delayed the last part of the paper work - certification - but the person under who's watch that failed to be sent on to the federal government turned out to have a long history of civil rights support, so it wasn't that the people in the government of MS at the time intended to screw it up.

    The Daily Show did a great follow up piece on it earlier this week (Mon., I think).