Saturday, February 23, 2013



  1. It’s a little iffy to say that Ted Nugent was a draft dodger … each draft board appled the "oldest men first" priority in meeting the local manpower quota, so his pattern was common for the times, getting a 1-S deferment in high school, then a 2-S deferment for his first year in college (Oakland Community College) 1968 but then was classified as 1-A in 1969 meaning available for service. He failed the physical and was given a 1-Y exemption … meaning they could call him back for another evaluation -- all this was very common. Then the draft was changed to be triggered by a lottery based on your birth date, so his birth date put him at 163 on the list, which was mid-range and he may have never been called.

    That all said, I have never been a fan of Nugent … Nugent’s ego has not changed over time … as I remember a party at his home where he asked who was the greatest guitarist … if you didn’t say him, you were booted.

  2. The allegation is made on his own apparent accounts of what he did to get his deferments.

    If that was an allegation made up by someone else, it would be one thing, but since it is a statement he appears to have made more than once, I have no problem hanging it on him.

  3. Let's not forget Ted "the Sleaze" Nugent's predilection for underage girls either.

    It could as easily have said "Does anyone else smell