Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can You Find It, Can You Name It?


This is more than challenging - it's humiliating for most of us.
I hesitate to call it fun, but actually it was.
No wonder we don't understand what's going on over there!
Drag the country's name onto the map.
There is no score or time limit. This is a learning tool.
Don't be afraid to make an error, try again [and again, if need be!]
and once you have finished the puzzle you will know far more
about the geography of this very intense part of our world.
Click HERE to play

(Thanks to my friend Sara for sharing this with me - and now I share it with you.  Should I mention - I miss PBS's 'Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego?")

1 comment:

  1. Fun. Some of them, I was able to get right off the bat. Others took a couple of tries, but I had the general geographic idea (e.g, the former Soviet Republics).