Wednesday, March 16, 2011

from Zetetos - Culture War Legislation Continues

cross-posted from Zetetos:
The anti-choice politicians running the U.S. House of Representatives are out of control - they've declared a War on Women.

They are working to end insurance coverage for abortion and make it as difficult as possible for any woman to access this care - even if it is necessary to save her life.
H.R.3 is one of two bills where anti-choice politicians tried to redefine rape. Thanks to massive public outcry, our opponents backed down on that front. But even without a rape-related provision, these two bills could change women's access to abortion forever.

H.R.358 would allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion care, even when necessary to save a woman's life.
to read the rest, including signing the petition to your congressional representative, go here

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