Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Wisconsin - Take This Poll, Please!

To paraphrase the old Borscht belt comic phrase, take my wife - please!

This poll came to my attention from someone in Wisconsin, of all things, from the dog fancy community, not politics -- and I can't resist posting it here!

Refuse to stand silently by. -- Pete Seeger
Crank up the communications network again ......

This poll was started by republican businessmen and sent only to their cronies. It is meant to show that most of the people in Wisconsin support Walker and will be released to the media in a few days. Your vote can change the skew.
Click and vote…. Do you approve of the job Governor Walker is doing?

and while you are in the neighborhood, try this one as well

Do you agree with Governor Walker's proposal to cut union bargaining rights?


go to the home page for the polls - they have quite a few good ones!

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