Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rep. King - This Is For You, and Your Hearings

Thanks to editorial cartoonist Ben Sargent, by way of Yahoo Comics for this all too apt rendering of the recent hearings where Rep. King rode roughshod over our fundamental values and the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

You have made us less safe, Congressman King, not more safe, by alienating Muslim Americans. 

You have made all of us less free Congressman King, by making them the target of your McCarthy-esque witch hunt.  When one group becomes less free, we are all less free whether we are the immediate targets of government persecution, or not.

You have made us less respected and less respectable domestically and internationally by your disgraceful and unrepentant arrogance, Congressman King.

Are you ashamed yet of your hearings, Congressman?  You should be.  We are ashamed of you, and we are certainly shamed by you.



  1. Isn't he the bozo who supported (supports?) the IRA? Give me a break.

    Take off the blinders and wake up to the fact that prior to 9-11, the worst terrorist incident in the US was perpetrated by an angry white man (Oklahoma City).

  2. QUERY : What is the connection between Peter King and Muammar Gaddafi ?

    Answer : They both supported the IRA ...
    Among the groups aided by Qaddafi were the Irish Republican Army, Spain's ETA, Italy's Red Brigades, and Palestinian groups such as the Palestine Liberation Organization.