Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Genital Electric Shock to Pray Away the Gay? Update 2 to the App(le) of Evil

Rotten app-p-p-p-apple?
(photo from wired.com)
Despite the misrepresentation and distortion of the legitimate research of  Dr. Gary Remafedi, U of MN professor of pediatrics, and the Change.org petition which had 130,000 signatures as of last check, Apple has been unresponsive on this issue. (If you haven't already signed, please consider doing so now.)

I was horrified to learn further disgusting, appalling things about Exodus International; I thought lying was bad enough, and practicing harmful homophobic pseudo-psychology, but NO - there's more.
"Considered harmful and damaging by mainstream scientific organizations, reparative therapy is a set of practices built around the assumption that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be fixed. Using that as a starting point, reparative therapists use masturbatory reconditioning; social skills training; prayer groups and even aversive treatments, such as the application of electric shock to the genitals, in an attempt to turn gay men and women straight. (my emphasis added - DG)

While these shocking practices aren't, as far as I can tell, recommended on the app itself, they are supported by the organization behind it. By allowing this product into the iTunes Store, Apple is sending mixed signals."
Seriously - is this the kind of group Apple wants to give a platform - a platform which provides FREE downloads, mislabeled as safe for children?  Could anyone promote something which exemplified a more offensive promotion of cruelty and self-hatred than this organization's approach to human sexuality?

Lets hope Apple responds sooner than later, because this is only becoming more rotten with time. 
apple time
(photo : gearlive.com)

Tic tock tick tock tick tock..........Zzzzzzzzzzzzzt Zap!

Electrical shock
(photo: flickr)

Apple - are THESE the people, the extremists with views about sexuality out of the worst of the 19th century, the repressive Victorian era, with whom you wish to do business?  That's not really the technology forward 21st century association you seem to want to cultivate.

Reconsider.  Reconsider quickly, before more harm is done.

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